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4-06-2022 Newsletter: Marlin Equity


It’s funny someone mentioned I like your daily newsletter emails and I thought to myself — is it really daily at this point!? Well, this is 2x in one day since we just had ANOTHER PE PLACEMENT!

Marlin Equity!

$7.6Bn AUM in only 16 yrs, 190+ investments

Fifth Flagship Fund closed in 2017 at $3.25Bn total.

They’ve been expanding into EU — recently raised €675 million of total capital commitments, more than double the size of its predecessor fund.

LOS ANGELES and LONDON, March 21, 2017 – Marlin Equity Partners, a global investment firm, today announced the first and final closings of Marlin Equity V, L.P. (“Fund V”), with $2.5 billion of capital commitments, and Marlin Heritage II, L.P. (“Heritage II”), with $750 million of capital commitments. Fund V and Heritage II were substantially oversubscribed, closing at their hard caps and surpassing their respective targets of $2.0 billion and $500 million in less than five months.

With $3.25 billion raised across both funds, this marks the largest pool of capital raised by the firm since it was established in 2005.

That was in 2017 so they’re due for another one aka expect this AUM TO INCREASE QUICKLY!

Nah but I’ve heard @ Marlin you work hard, but they’ve really been crushing it since inception… doing some really good buy-and-build work with their platforms — not to mention you get to live in Hermosa Beach, CA… here’s the first picture that comes up when you Google Hermosa Beach lol — what a beautiful spot.

NOTE: This IS A 2022 IMMEDIATE START, yes we’re still doing those fam — it isn’t only about #oncycle2023! Get in touch with us, let’s chat!

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