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4-08-2022 Newsletter: Weekends = Time To Prep


Weekends are a GREAT time to Prep!

What is your plan this weekend?

I’m all about relaxing (which is something I think my entire team has to do this weekend) BUT for those that were told by some firms while interviewing last week to prep up and come back to them during OFF-CYCLE processes (and I know a few people actually did have this conversation)… Have you been preparing?

When will off-cycle officially start? Soon?

I would like to say getting a job on the Buyside is an easy task but the reality is even a lateral to another bank isn’t an easy task these days. Sure, everyone can remember an M&I guide and 400 questions but senior bankers know that.

Interviews have gotten tougher post-COVID because senior folks (Litquidity would call these people BOOMERS, haha) are trying to get a sense of who knows their stuff and who’s just been WFH moving their computer mouse not really knowing what is going on.

The reason our business has seen such great market reception is because it’s NOT easy to

1. Grasp complex behavioral and technical concepts but more importantly

2. Show an individual that you understand vs. just regurgitating facts (which is why consulting-type interviews these days are popular and why management consultants are placing to PE with record placement rates!) — see our Business Intuition Guide

Materials are good and great and they’re basically a baseline but the real value is in the coaching. The 1-on-1 with a Megafund OfficeHours Coach before you get to your Megafund Superday. The ‘tell me about yourself/your story/your M&A transaction experience.’ They run me through a model and CIM to IC Deck giving me an understanding of whether you would invest in this company or not notion.

Stuff like this doesn’t come easy — even to our Mentees! It takes a lot of work and diligence and accountability and structure — but that’s why we exist.

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