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4-15-2022 Newsletter: Bet On Yourself



Sorry for the late-night note, it’s been a busy few days as we prepare for some travel — back in NYC next week, we’ll be hosting a day focused on helping out some folks with their New LinkedIn Headshots! After that, we’ll have a Placed! Dinners for our Mentees that recently placed during #oncycle2023 and then onto Boston to meet with some HBS Coaches and get some solid podcasts/interviews recorded.

^^ Erik is a homie and anyone interested in Growth Equity (think Summit, Spectrum, JMI should join our webinar next week).

Overall though, we’ve been busy and I think you can tell by the active IG, Twitter, and LinkedIn marketing engines humming. Sorry for not getting back to some of you Twitter Trolls as actively as I used to, it’s just been so ridiculously busy recently with Mentees calling me telling me “Headhunter just said Centerbridge wants to chat next week, what do I do!?” Breathe. Take it a step at a time. If they interview you tomorrow, what makes you most nervous from the below:

What we’ve been hearing: Sixth Street hiring (I’m sure many of you got the Headhunter ping), Carlyle 1-2 spots left? Vista coffee chats starting soon? Centerbridge I heard today from a Mentee is still hiring… basically, almost every major fund (or at least majority of them) we’ve been hearing is holding off on a diverse candidate or an excellent/stellar candidate… (if you aren’t hearing this, ping your HH — ping all of them tbh)… and also:

You can be their stellar hire

Do you think all our Mentees were all Wharton/Moelis? No chance… majority of our Mentees are normal people — albeit smart people, solid analysts, and more importantly, they knew when to take on help and what they needed help with.

Generally, case studies and discussing business intuition-type problems!

Flying tomorrow but have some time to chat when I land if anyone wants to discuss their recruiting plan for this weekend: Night y’all

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