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4-17-2022 Newsletter: Easter Sunday

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Easter Sunday 🐣

We really had a great event this past week with Baruch’s WIB Club — to the point that we offered everyone that attended free Access to the OfficeHours IB Platform!

Since it’s such a beautiful Sunday (during which I hope you’re spending time with your family) — I wanted to offer another quick giveaway.

If you were in a WIB Club during your time in Undergrad and can help out with a quick intro, FREE OfficeHours Platform Access for you (IB or PE — you get access to either) — generally $255 or $749.

Available to the first 5 people that respond to this email (oh and you have to follow us on LinkedIn🙃) —

Provide the quick intro/proof that you follow us and I’ll get you a promo code that gives you 100% off the Purchase Price!

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