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4-17-2022 Newsletter: FREE LinkedIn Headshots In NYC This Week


What your Headshot says about you

Sorry for the 2x emails in one day (if this is too much for you, you can Unsubscribe at the bottom of this email). BUT before you do, check out the below, this email is FULL of Updates (and Freebies/Discounts).

Does your LinkedIn Profile need a Fresh New Headshot? Well, then sign-up below! (For anyone who has signed up already, expect an email shortly with additional details… sorry we didn’t expect so much interest!).

We’re going to do our best to cater to everyone here — Professional Pictures help a lot when it comes to LinkedIn Outreach — look the Associate Role before you get it!


We’ve got some travel these upcoming 2 weeks, if you’re around in NYC or Boston and want to sync for coffee / discuss either a lateral or some help to get to the Buyside — please fill this out here and we’ll be in touch.

If you recently PLACED and found our Platform/Coaching useful and want to be looped into a Mentee Appreciation Dinner we’re hosting in NYC (& Boston), feel free to reach out directly to us and we’ll do our best to loop you in!



As we travel these next 2 weeks, we understand call volume is going to take a hit — we still recommend that individuals start off with Platform Access if you’re looking into Off-Cycle Recruiting (not to mention we hear many firms are still hiring this week) — for that reason, Discounts Galore!




AND last but not least, some Sunday Night Reading —(both were written by an OfficeHours Coach who has experience working at a Megafund and is currently at Harvard Business School).

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