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5-03-2022 Newsletter: WEBINAR: Ask Us Anything About Banking/Buyside!

Newsletter: WEBINAR: Ask Us Anything about Banking/Buyside!

Come join us tomorrow night

Click on the image below or here to reserve your spot!

We’ve been in the finance recruiting space for 2 years now helping individuals with internships, banking laterals, growth equity interviews, business intuition guides, and hedge fund stock pitches, amongst various corporate case studies.

Come join us as we discuss what we’ve been seeing in the market for Investment Banking Roles and various Buyside Roles (Growth Equity, Private Equity, Corporate Development, Venture Capital, and Hedge Funds).

A recording will be available later for those that can’t make it however we highly recommend joining live if you have any specific questions!

Open to the first 25 attendees, we want to keep this small so people have the opportunity to ask questions and be heard.

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