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5-15-2022 Newsletter: NYC This Week

Newsletter: NYC this week

Lazy Sunday? Not Here

5PM ET is around the corner (see the image below for more context)… Networking to break into Banking or the Buyside IS GOING TO HELP. I hear quite a bit “oh I knew I had to network to break into banking, but I thought I wouldn’t need to do that to break into the Buyside?” Why not?

Let’s take a look at the numbers for a second:

  • 20,000 Investment Banking Analysts
  • 2,000 Buyside Associate Positions

Breaking into Banking is tough, yes (and congrats if you did it) — but breaking into the Buyside is EVEN TOUGHER.

Networking is important as you figure out which role on the Buyside might be a fit for you now more than ever! You want to figure out what people like about their firm, how the culture might be, what the work-life balance looks like?

Do they have a cool Instagram account like the one Redpoint Ventures does or does your dream firm have a cool podcast/webinar like this one? Is it going to be Banking 2.0? You know who can help with that question?

An OfficeHours Coach who used to work there.

Miss face-to-face interactions? Us too

We’re trying to be a bit more high-tech these days using our Calendly more and more often where we can but as always if you want more personalized support, feel free to respond to this email or email and we can schedule you in! Tuesday+Wednesday are booked up but Thursday & Friday still have a bunch of openings!


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