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5-31-2022 Newsletter: PLATFORM FLASH SALE🥳


Lowest Price THIS YEAR!

PE/GE Platform Access = $199

Well, the day is here — the LAST DAY of MAY! The last day for signing up for our cohort for THIS SUMMER 😎 & finally the last day till our goal (what I mentioned about our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming soon!)… so help us hit that goal!


One day SPECIAL — ahead of bonuses and individuals leaving this summer, post-Memorial Day — this will be the cheapest we ever plan on offering any of our Platform Accesses for the Year 2022! 🤩

The real question is — do you think the market will be in a better position 6 months from now or right now? If I had to guess, I would say that we’ll be in a worst off position 6-12 months from now… that being said, part of what we promote is to hit the ground RUNNING on PREP (you rather join a firm when it has a class of 8-10 PE Associates rather than them winding down the class to 4-6 PE Associates, right?) 🤔

Many firms are still hiring for 2023 and will continuously!

When the market is down = Invest in YOURSELF

Expires after the first 25 individuals purchase!!

Corp. Dev at FB or a Tech Unicorn interesting to you?

RSVP Below!


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