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6-12-2022 Newsletter: Hedge Fund Gigs

Hedge Fund Gigs

So you want to work at a HF?

Whether it be a Citadel, Point72, Millennium, BAM, Coatue, Tiger, d1, Viking, etc. — breaking into a hedge fund whether it be event-driven or long/short is no easy task… however it is surefire a way to start clearing 7-figures in your 20s…

Our Coaching Program starts with an Onboarding Call, learning more about the HF world and which side of it you want to sit on, a couple Resume Reviews, and then we get right into Stock Pitches where you’re expected to identify catalysts, develop a thesis, and construct a valuation framework around a specific ticker of choice.

After the Stock Pitch, we move into building operating models with revenue and opex builds for your company — put your stock pitch and model learnings into a proper Case Study format (because you will definitely be asked about this in an interview setting) and start mocking with a coach who comes from the industry who can provide actual feedback and help.

Perhaps we end with some brain teasers and excel-driven/market-driven questions. Whatever you didn’t get the first time, we rehearse and do again. And again, until you can do this sh*t in your sleep. Hedge Funds aren’t known to hire “on-cycle,” — generally a head hunter will just approach you saying one of the pod shops are hiring, are you ready to go?

What do you say then? You can learn more about our entire process here.

Your Prep all starts w/Platform Access

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