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6-17-2022 Newsletter: Career In Growth Equity Webinar With A VP 🚀

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Career in Growth Equity

Ever wonder what it would be like to start in Growth Equity as an Analyst at TCV ($4Bn fund, $22.5Bn AUM), move to banking at Raymond James Tech & Services Group in Boston (the same group that sold my last business, SourceScrub, to Francisco Partners 👏 ), transition to focus on traditional sourcing/growth at Summit Partners ($8.35Bn fund, $39Bn AUM), and THEN join Centana Growth Partners (oversubscribed $375m 2nd fund) as a VP out of their West Coast Office?

She must have a good reason! (or a whole host of reasons!) 😃

We’re going to ask Aleksandra Antolak LATER TODAY exactly what that path looked like and what drove her decision tree! 🤓

Last time we had a slew of questions come in last minute so we want to make sure we are able to keep the conversation rather intimate hence there will be a LIMITED AMOUNT of Eventbrite tickets for this one!

Webinar is happening in ~14 hours from now — 6/17 at 3PM ET! Reserve your spot here now! We highly recommend going listen-mode and if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask directly in the chat.

For anyone joining us, feel free to review the Growth Equity Curriculum and Centana’s website so you can ask rather pointed and intelligent questions about their process (They MIGHT be hiring from what I hear…). Their DNA is very enterprise software and fintech (ex-FTV folks) but obviously they have ppl from MS, GS GrowthGeneral Atlantic… they’ve hired consultants as well!

Not to mention THEY HAVE WEST COAST PRESENCE AND NYC PRESENCE! This could really be your opportunity to break into a NYC-Growth Equity shop that isn’t Insight Venture Partners… make sure you SIGN UP!

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