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6-24-2022 Newsletter: ex-Goldman Banker Speaks

Goldman Banker speaks

Anish Mitra speaks TODAY at 12PM ET

Join us today at 12PM ET where we host Anish Mitra live on our Webinar, link here for more details.

Anish had a long career at GS doing M&A and then more on the human capital management side of things — question for him is WHY did he leave and WHAT is he up to now!?

We’re going to ask him about how GS Reinsurance Group spun off to become Global Atlantic which then got acquired by KKR for $4.1Bn in 2020 — he was there from 2012-2014!

Anish now works with MorningBrew doing finance content helping out juniors catch up on everything that is finance/fintech news — how does one get into ^^ from a long career in finance? Is it as lucrative? Is it as fun!? lol

Click below to sign-up through our Eventbrite link!

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