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6-28-2022 Newsletter: Still Working @4AM

Still working @4AM

Monday late-night

Interesting time considering the market might be down but a historic amount of IBA’s are going on vacation in July and August and spending $$$ on these vacations.😂🤑

I am ALL ABOUT IT — we work hard and everyone should take time off (majority of my team is taking off the first 2 weeks of July as well) hence I wanted to mention what we’re doing for majority of our Mentees and Potential Mentees… We are tapping into our networks to help PEOPLE PLACE 🤓

It’s true — in the beginning days of OfficeHours, I’d be the first to say that you don’t come to us for introductions — we don’t work directly with firms nor are we really going to help you place. It was ONLY focused on PREP in the beginning days.

These days though, we have built out such an extensive network that honestly more and more friends have been asking us to help their firms with hiring laterals/pe/growth/vc/even hedge funds & corp dev.

People are actively posting on LinkedIn asking us to share their positions and honestly we want to help our Mentees achieve success on another level — because we’re a 3rd party, we can reach out directly to firms and ask if they’re hiring on behalf of you!

We also post a lot on Linkedin Instagram so if you’re interested in moving or at a minimum — tracking the market, you should follow us


SO if you come to us before July 1st (so basically within Q2) and we get you going — our role is to help you PREPARE and PLACE before a major recession hits which will lead to EVEN MORE forecasted RIFs (reductions in workforce).

Whether that be to your dream firm for Private Equity, Investment Banking, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, Corporate Development, Biz Dev/Strategy & Operations at a Corporation/Start-up, etc!

If scheduling through Calendly isn’t your cup of team, email us separately and we’ll find a time or we can text if you can’t chat while you’re at work.

Oh & also if you were curious (many of our Mentees were asking us hence we asked the question) — above is what the market is saying about bonuses this year.

Not bad, tbh higher than we expected!

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