6-30-2022 Newsletter: 2024 On-Cycle🤓


End of Quarter

Very proud of our team and what they’ve done, literally almost sold out across the board for everything OFFICEHOURS!

MANY, MANY Incoming Analysts who are focused on 2024 On-Cycle Recruiting which we expect to kick off some time in Q3 2022. Put it on the parents credit card — when you get your $350-450k Megafund PE gig with a $30,000 signing bonus, you’ll be able to more than pay it off 🙃

If you’re interested in chatting, just ping Nadia and we’ll find a time today (we have multiple people on the phone for 8-10 hours chatting with some last minute Mentees).

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY if you’re looking to sign up for 2024 RECRUITING DISCOUNTS! Our Cohort is ALMOST FULL!

Platform accesses are available and we’re all about helping people but to tell you the truth there are SO many paid for, yet unused accounts lol — aka people just get busy with their day2day and start but never finish within the platform — ACCOUNTABILITY FOLKS — your current firm doesn’t care about your personal life, if anything they DON’T want you to leave — so you have to take it upon yourself to plan out the next 2-4-6 years of your life. Take on some help with this process, trust us — it’s well worth the $5k.

EXCITED to announce one of our BEST placements yet to a Megafund in Boston on their ESG SIDE (waiting for Mentee to sign paperwork and then we’ll announce :))

Our Mentees perform well because of our Structured Process💯

The business is GROWING FAM! Very excited to start working DIRECTLY with a Chicago PE FIRM helping them find candidates, find the post below:

& last but not least — have you ever thought about a 2+2+2 Path for yourself? Banking to PE to a Top 3 Business School?

Well have we got the right conversation for you to join! Sign up below, limited slots:

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