6-30-2022 Newsletter: Bain CapitalšŸ’Æ


VERY PROUD TO ANNOUNCE an MBB (Management Consulting Mentee) Placement intoĀ Bain Capital’s Double Impact Fund!

Bain Capital Double Impact closed a second impact investing fund after raisingĀ $800m last fall.

Double Impact invests in lower middle-market companies in North America that are mission-oriented in one of three areas: sustainability, health care, and education and workforce development.Ā Once the fund invests, Double Impact staff works with its companies to strengthen their impact and to propel their growth.

The first fund invested in 14 companies, exiting two of them, including Penn Foster, a digital education platform providing workforce education and training, and Impact Fitness, a franchise of Planet Fitness that offers low-cost gyms in underserved communities.

VERY proud of this Mentee,Ā she only wanted one firmĀ ā€” jammed out a bunch of mock interview calls in a couple weeks time, interviewed, and PLACED PHENOMENALLY!

Code:Ā JUNE30

Our Platform Access wonā€™t be this cheap again until end of Q3! By the end of Q3 2022, 2024 On-Cycle may have already happenedā€¦

AvailableĀ for 4 Curriculums: Venture Capital, Growth Equity, Private Equity, and Hedge Funds ā€” expires at 11:59PM ET TONIGHT!


BDI Source:Ā https://www.penews.com/articles/what-you-need-to-know-about-bains-800m-impact-fund-20210420

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