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7-10-2022 Newsletter: Djokovic’s Discipline🎾


Discipline & Dedication = you can literally see this in Djokovic’s form more than anything these days — I was expecting a racket break/something immature, but honestly he just stood by his principals of practice, proper form, and not letting his emotions get to him AND IT WORKED! Honestly, I was rooting for Kyrgios because 1) Underdog 2) he and I both use Yonex racquets 3) never really liked Djokovic but alas.

Dedication, Discipline, Practice = SUCCESS! Similar to our OfficeHours mantra.

What’s interesting is that they both spoke about grabbing dinner with each other after the match, no matter who won — winner footing the bill ofc.

IMAGINE if it’s you vs. another analyst interviewing for Advent Tech Growth Equity or Blackstone Tactical Ops and you’re in the interview room at 3AM during On-Cycle 2024 Recruiting — you look the person in the face, “Hey you want to grab dinner tmrw night whether it’s you or I that gets this $400,000 Private Equity Associate job?!”

Do you think they’ll be cool grabbing dinner with you telling you that they paid $8000 for Coaching and it paid off 50x OR do you think you’ll be cool grabbing dinner with the person realizing the only thing between you and success was a few thousand $ that you ended up spending on a trip to the Hamptons/Europe anyway!?


Today’s Sunday so we recommend a BIG OUTREACH FOCUSED EVENING — not sure if you’re finding work to be a bit more chill right now but we definitely recommend following up with your leads of individuals that you want to network with, update your excel spreadsheet like this (our shortlist in our Free Resources is a good template btw if you don’t have) on who responded, who didn’t — perhaps ping those on LinkedIn that you have previously connected with for a catch-up coffee this week? Want some examples? We’ve been uploading stuff on our Instagram around this. Click here to see.

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