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7-13-2022 Newsletter: 4-6 WEEKS TO PREPARE


Prep During Training

We had a good little BOD meeting today for OfficeHours over sushi🍣 dinner (how most of our Board Meetings go tbh) and a really interesting point came up — we’ve had an INFLUX of individuals come to us being like “hey so I start training next week, I know from analysts older than me that training won’t be that bad and if I really want to do 2024 recruiting — preparing during training is how MOST of the successful analysts before me have done it.”

Many have gotten through the OfficeHours Buyside Curriculum in 5 weeks

So on our end, as of the current moment 4 new Mentees came on today (in NYC ofc) and we’re effectively WAITLISTED across the board for all PE & Growth Equity Packages. Unfortunately you can’t just ‘Put your name on the list’ and be notified — it’s more of a real-time update where when we tell you we have a spot, you have to purchase that Package that moment itself to lock in your spot🤓

The good part is as more and more of our Mentees place/as Coach’s get added/availability opens up, Packages open up on our Platform — we have spent some serious cash on this platform to automate a lot of the matching and scheduling for moments like this so Thank God that it’s finally coming to use💯

Don’t worry — if you haven’t started prep, you’re not necessarily late to the game… I recommend reaching out to an OfficeHours employee, things change all the time regarding our capacity — if you’re interested — set-up a callsubmit your application — tell us about your story, GPA, what you’re looking to do and let’s figure out if there’s a way forward here.

Also generally the beginning of On-Cycle is for the big Megafund names (Apollo, Blackstone, Carlyle, KKR, TPG)…

If you’re going for something more UMM or MM — high likelihood you have longer to prepare (doesn’t mean you should delay though!). Always remember, getting an offer and deciding if you want to take it >>> not getting the offer at all.

As for everyone else, do sign up for our PE Panel this week, check out our Deutsche Bank Discounts (if you’re currently at DB or starting at DB soon) and expect discounts to be offered for Citi, Evercore, and Moelis folks in the coming weeks!

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