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7-15-2022 Newsletter: FLASH SALE


Platform+1 hr Mock starting at $249

I had a phenomenal time chatting with Joe from Periscope today and then a not-so-great conversation with Richard Handler over IG where he’s explaining why he knows a lot of people who make a lot of money in banking and we shouldn’t be hating on firms that don’t pay their juniors (all posted on our Instagram)… ok great, we are by far one of the ONLY businesses that focus on helping Analysts and will die repping Analysts to the nth degree.

Why? Because honestly there aren’t many companies out there that care about juniors like we do — we understand that juniors are the backbone of firms and while I do poke fun at some interns that choose to wear crop tops to work 😂 I know that those same interns are the future of this world so they should be respected like leaders because that is what they will be one day.



All said and done, if you’re fed-up with your institution or want to either Lateral or looking into Buyside Prep/Work/Interviewing come On-Cycle 2024 or perhaps even for a sooner start 2022/2023 then THIS DEAL IS FOR YOU!

The deal was already a free Coaching Call but now at 50% OFF, we are literally losing money on this just to get people onboard to see the quality of our coaches! We connected with a lot of people this week who were hit with lower bonuses than expected so this is us trying to give back!

NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY (tbh you could also just make a new account with a new email and get it)

Platform Access + 1 Call (up to 60-minutes, must be all used in one call) = $249 for Investment Banking!

Platform Access + 1 Call (up to 60-minutes, must be all used in one call) = $499 for Investment Banking!

Enter in JULY15 HERE:

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