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7-20-2022 Newsletter: 2nd Year Anniversary🍾

2nd Year Anniversary

🎉 🥂 TWO YEARS — OfficeHours turns two years old today and while we aren’t a 🦄 or anything close to one yet, I’m happy to say that we have come a LONG, LONG WAY SINCE WE STARTED!

Asif Rahman and I attribute all of our success to our team and the support we have received all the way! 🙌 THANK YOU to everyone that has shown us support including ad hoc little podcast editing, editing articles, hopping on last minute coaching calls, making intros, pinging a friend to see if they want to join — even the ones that said “hey keep at it, we’re proud of what you’re doing 🤓” — even if they had no faith to begin 🥲😂

Small actions and words like this keep a team and company going when it feels like the whole world might be against you 🚀🗺🌎

SO THIS ONE IS FOR Y’ALL! For this event (please text me if you didn’t get the invite), we’re keeping it rather bespoke — not everyone is a Coach nor a Mentee but they are definitely supporters of the brand that is Rohit Malrani, Asif Rahman, Nadia Persaud, Brooke Baker and OfficeHours and we look forward to celebrating with you (just a little bit) 🥳🎉🍾

For the rest of y’all come join! Today was our largest single-day in which we brought on the MOST AMOUNT OF MENTEES! It’s only up from here and check out some of our discounts below:

#celebrating24months #getofficehours



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