7-22-2022 Newsletter: Consumer Investing 🤓


Imagine you’re a consumer Goldman Sachs Investment Banker and then you leave to start an Acai-Flavored Vodka Business. That business then trades to a Strategic Sponsor and now you run your own $400,000,000 Fund focused on Consumer/Technology investing out of Los Angeles.

Well that’s what the Reum Brothers did at M13 and we’re LUCKY to be able to speak to one of the M13 Principals later TODAY on 7/22 at 12PM ET!

Sign-up below to lock in your spot since there will be limited seats available due to Popularity of Coach!!

IF you’ve ever been vaguely interested in CONSUMER investing, you should attend.

IF you’ve ever been vaguely interested in early-stage investing, you should attend.

IF you work or worked at Lazard (Brent used to be with Lazard)you should attend.

IF you went to BYU or currently go to BYU (Brent went to BYU to study Business)you should attend.

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