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8-19-2022 Newsletter: Ex-gs Starts Non-Profit To Help Family In Ukraine

ex-GS starts Non-Profit to help family in Ukraine

When Mark Kreynovich and I first met, he was in Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs about to transition to a Strategy and Operations role at QuipWhile this sounds interesting, what this man is doing now goes above and beyond.

Mark has family out in Kharkiv, Ukraine and started Mission To Ukraine along with a friend focused on building out a grassroots organization providing immediate humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees and Ukrainians under siege. The team primarily specializes in the procurement and delivery of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and protective gear to emergency medical responders in Ukraine’s hottest regions.

I’m not one to get political but when a friend is focused on a mission and wants to help out by providing humanitarian aid to an area of the world which needs it, I will opt to do whatever I can.

OfficeHours has been running a fundraiser for M2U culminating with a webinar where Mark will be speaking with our team around 1) his experience in finance and 2) what led him to start this organization and how others might be able to help out!

Proud to say OfficeHours will be matching all donations made!!

You can donate ANY AMOUNT here and be sure to join us today, August 19th at 1PM ET to learn directly from Mark himself as we hear more about his experience and how others can get involved.

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