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09-21-2021 Newsletter: 3 Statement LBO w PF Adjustments


Why am I hearing more and more about business intuition cases tripping bankers up vs. consultants crushing and snagging these UMM offers!?

Quick tidbits from conversations we’ve been having today… we had just about ~100 new customers sign up on platform access itself in the last couple of days and we’re TEXTING EVERYONE to get thoughts / aggregate thoughts for our loyal readers:

  • “60 minutes = probably templated model, review how to do options pools just in case. We had someone lose out on VEP because of this”
  • “Business Intuition case tripped me up the most on the Berkshire test”
  • “Spend 1 hour/deal walking through the deal walkthrough template… so if you have 3 deals then 3 hours of prep
  • “Riverside’s biggest question was Why Cleveland?” LOL are you asking me to lie?
  • “I was just caught off-guard by the timing of on-cycle, just didn’t know what I was looking for”
  • “After 8 hours of interviewing, I just didn’t get the offer”
  • HIG, JMI, MDP, TB still interviewing, Trive Capital, TSG, PEP, TPG RISE/Consumer, THL, Clearlake offers
  • “TPG interview mental math was tougher than anything KKR threw my way”
  • “Honestly it’s more personality-based, I would say someone who has good basic technical skills, fun personality, and is down to scrap — meaning we don’t have some huge deal team because we are still small so get to participate in a lot of diff components of the process” — megafund spin-off fund VP
  • “I do well behavioral but its more the accounting and technical questions that mess me up” (SOMETIMES it’s exactly the opposite of this though)

if HH aren’t answering, go directly to VP’s

ALWAYS LOOKING FOR GOOD REFERRALS (VC/Growth/PE) — email your resume to and please include in what firm you want to work at/why. Will do my best to help.

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