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Case Study: Low GPA To High Success

Office hours

Recruiting was a nightmare before working with Office Hours. Graduating during a pandemic, with a below-average GPA did not help.
I had a unique background, which was able to get me interviews at countless firms in LA ranging from boutique banks to megafunds. Unfortunately, I almost always got cut after final round interviews and couldn’t understand why. I realized that my original strategy was not working and something had to change.

While browsing through LinkedIn, I found Rohit and sent him a message. Shortly after, we went on an introductory call and I explained my situation to him. During this call, Rohit was able to identify the potential I didn’t see in myself.

Rohit set me up with Asif, who was extremely patient and helped me work through my weaknesses. He gave me their “secret formula” to crafting my story and get through networking and recruiting. Asif identified and helped me elaborate on an experience I had previously discounted because I didn’t think it was “that significant.” I was completely wrong. The experience that Asif identified, which I didn’t think was significant, ended up being my story’s main driver. 

Asif and I later got on weekly calls, which helped me improve my networking and recruitment. These calls made sure I didn’t slack off throughout the recruiting process and gave me the confidence I needed to ace my interviews.

The team at Office Hours has helped me identify the missing links in my recruiting process. They helped me build up the confidence to tackle five final round interviews in the span of one week and ultimately land my dream offer. I cannot thank the team enough for all the guidance and support they have provided me with throughout the process.

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