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08-16-2021 Newsletter: Evercore $255k

Evercore $255k

Evercore $255k Top Bucket

Crazy… keep anon, except don’t because we heard about it right from the source lol. However, we’re not dumb — we did a poll and still saw that most analysts are making right around the $150-200k mark all-in (granted that’s still 3-4x what I got fresh out of school), however, it’s not a TON of money after high taxes, rent, going out, Ferregamos, etc…

I get it — you work hard and you want to spend your money your way. However, this post is about why you should give up 2-3% of that income to start working with a career coach.

It’s worth it. You’ve already escalated to 6-figures+ right out of undergrad and we all have friends that won’t make what you make 3-4-5+ years out of school (and that’s ok). However, it’s not as easy as it seems from here. Getting into banking is one thing… 2-year program, you know you’re going to leave, but what’s the next step?

The next step is the one you do for 3-5 years, where you make an impact on an organization and potentially get to a Partner track role. Not only does the funnel from banking to the buyside get more narrow but the ones looking to make the switch get more competitive in nature and the interviews tougher. Also, tell me if you can really learn about a firm directly from their website… it’s all vague IMO until you really start chatting with people to get a sense of which firm is right for you.


  1. You go to a top-tier growth equity or private equity firm after interviewing at multiple spots until you find a fit
  2. You crush your associate years and they then help you get into a top-tier b-school program while also offering you a VP position ($400-500k gig)
  3. You have another $250k hit your savings account because they liked you so much that they offer to PAY for your time in b-school
  4. Now that’s a success story!

We have mentees telling us they have paid more for coaching in their lives than they did college (thanks to scholarships).

We’re talking about someone who came from humble beginnings, worked their way through college, and went to a non-target but then worked their way into a TOP 3 CONSULTING FIRM (I’d argue the best one) & a TOP 2 DEFERRED MBA PROGRAM & are now working to get into a TOP-TIER PRIVATE EQUITY FIRM.

Would you bet against them? I wouldn’t.


Assume the left axis is MONEY & the bottom is TIME. You’ve got to ask yourself, is your career the red line or the blue line and if you’re the blue, what would you pay to get to the red?

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