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09-29-2021 Newsletter: Francisco Partners Just Invested Into My Company


Granted I wasn’t exactly a co-founder there, but I was their Employee #2. Now if you didn’t know¬†Mainsail Partners¬†(a smaller growth equity firm out in SF started by an ex-Summit Partner), you definitely know¬†Francisco Partners.

Honestly, both are great firms — obviously just one bigger than the other which makes me even more excited for what they plan on doing with the asset.

Read more about the transaction below:

How this affects you: we’ve got today and tomorrow left in Q3 (I’m arguably having the best week of my life and I’m happy to share the happiness through discounts on coaching)!

Raymond James was the advisor – discounts for RJ folks!
Francisco Partners got involved post Mainsail, if you’ve ever wanted to go to either of these firms – discounts for you!

I’ll basically coach you for free. ūüėČ

Calling all analysts who want to work at a SilverLake, Francisco, Sumeru, Vista, Thoma-type shop out in SAN FRANCISCO
– send me your resume

(and for the rest of you, please read the below)

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