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10-03-2021 Newsletter: Private Equity In Boston


I wrote an article the other day on¬†Why San Francisco was the best decision of my life¬†so I’m now dedicating a piece to Boston.¬†Disclaimer: I was born (and currently reside) in Boston but have not gone to HBS (nor even applied yet — even though if I ever do decide to, HBS will be the only business school that I apply to).

Now¬†I know what you’re thinking, why leave NYC for anything? Like seriously, all my friends are here, potentially even family, it’s the best place for my career, the staff @ Ruschmeyers knows me rather well by now…

Well let’s think again:

NYC: Stripes, Insight, Apollo, Blackstone, Carlyle, Trilantic, NMC, Veritas, Blackstone, Warburg, Fortress, CD&R, Columbia Business School

Boston: Audax, Berkshire, Advent, TA, Summit, F-Prime, M33, Spectrum, THL, Parthenon, Battery, Volition, Silversmith, ABRY, Harvard Business School

Call me out for this (and I’ll gladly chat further with you about this over the phone) but I have had MANY Columbia individuals reach out asking for insight on ‘how to break into VC/Growth Equity’ whereas we personally ASK HBS INDIVIDUALS to help us from their end with coaching… why is that?

(Another Disclaimer: I’ve heard Columbia is rather set up well for breaking into public equity, it’s just that we deal with most pursuing private equity roles).

You can take a look at a variety of rankings out there however the purpose of this newsletter isn’t to discuss business school rankings. The purpose is for you to¬†rethink Boston¬†when it comes to firms like ABRY, Parthenon, Audax, TA, Summit, THL because these are¬†straight feeders into HBS.¬†Literally, HBS comes to your offices (basically asking who is applying and how can they help).

You’ve got to think in terms of the future… sure you can think I want to go to a shop in NYC for a couple of years and then eventually business school however how many people have you come across that get Columbia paid for?

Personally, I’ve heard of MANY MORE going to HBS/GSB/WHARTON and getting those schools paid for and then ppl coming back as VPs… listen, this could be very well me being biased, loving HBS>All but tell me differently — I want to hear from you.

And if you’re interviewing at any of the shops above — highly recommend buying a package from¬†here¬†so we can help you over the next week or so because so many of those firms are interviewing right now.

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