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Hour By Hour In Growth Equity

Hour by Hour in Growth Equity

6:15am: wake up and check email to see if anything came in late from folks on west coast or early from folks across the pond. 7:00: take my dog to the park, drink coffee and think about the key tasks I need to get done today.

8am: look through analyses on a business we’re currently evaluating. Write up the main takeaways and view on what makes sense for a valuation and pursuit plan before sending around to our deal team. A 4 hour Zoom meeting with the management team is scheduled for the next day so want to make sure everyone on our team is informed and on the same page.

9am: pull together functional area agendas for diligence sessions with an acquisition target that a portfolio company has under LOI. The diligence meetings are scheduled for the following week and while the functional area heads of our portfolio company will be leading the sessions, we try to be as supportive as possible through the diligence process.

10:30am: catch up with the founder/CEO of a business I’ve been tracking for 2+ years and met in person a few times. I recently received word that a business that would be a great potential merger partner is coming to market later this month so wanted to screen her interest on a combination. She was interested!

11am: speak with a consultant who helps businesses decide the best software for their needs and pain points. The goal was to get insight on the market and the various strengths/weaknesses of the different products and companies.

12pm: discussion with the lenders at a portfolio company. The portfolio company recently went through personnel transition in its finance department so we’re taking a more active role in working directly with the lenders to ensure the company remains in compliance.

1pm: listen in on a call with a portfolio company’s CRO who is working with consultants to improve its go-to-market function and adopt best practices to help it scale quicker.

2pm: catch up with a banker I know to share notes on the market, hear what current mandates he is working on and see if there’s anything of interest he has coming to market that I should try to position us for.

2:30pm: discuss data received from an acquisition target that a portfolio company has under LOI. The data is super raw so lots of formatting and general consolidation work is required to get a picture of the business.

3:30pm: catch up with a former colleague who’s now at a competitor. He’s working way more hours at his new firm. We catch up on market trends and both flag businesses that are a better fit for the other’s firm that we have heard are in market or coming to market soon.

4pm: call with bankers on a business that they’re in market with. We ask initial questions that will give us a better sense of how to play the process ahead of the IOI date next month.

5pm: call bankers that are running the meeting with management tomorrow to ensure alignment on agenda.

6pm: catch up on emails that came in while I was on calls and meetings and weren’t priority.

7pm: go for a run and pick up dinner.

8pm: think through the market map of a new sector I believe is interesting and log notes in CRM from the day.

9pm: speak with potential executive candidate we’re trying to land for a portfolio company. He has relevant industry experience, and we believe he’d be a good cultural fit at the company.

10pm: sign off and read a book.

11pm: go to bed.

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