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How IBRecruit Helps Non-Target Women Break Into Finance

How ibRecruit helps Non-Target Women break into Finance

When Jackie (the Founder of ibRecruit) reached out, it was because she had heard about OfficeHours and wanted to learn more about our experience developing a prep platform and marketplace oriented around coaching. Honestly when I started learning about ibRecruit though, it sounded like an even more exciting initiative than what we were working on at OfficeHours as they look to help out non-target women break into finance (with a specific focus on investment banking).

ibRecruit strongly believes that if they provide undergraduate women (who are looking to break into finance) with the necessary resources, preparation, and confidence that they need for interviews — these women can perform at par if not better than most other ‘target’ candidates.

No surprise that finance is a male-dominated industry — however, slowly but surely we are looking to change this. Today I’m proud to announce we are a proud Corporate Partner for ibRecruit, an initiative who’s main mission is to help women from all walks of life gain entry into finance. We look forward to working together.

OfficeHours has traditionally been focused on Banking to Buyside but with this partnership as well as with our Litquidity Student-Athlete program, we are calling on OfficeHours Coaches for their support. OfficeHours Coaches have developed an Investment Banking Curriculum as well as all the relevant materials, videos, modules, that you need to set yourself up for success in recruiting for investment banking roles. We look forward to providing these materials to the women from the ibRecruit program as well.

Now we are asking on our followers and readers to help us out here! ibRecruit is consistently looking for individuals who can help mock interview a a few of the ibRecruit participants. We’re looking for individuals who are looking to pay-it-forward back to the community by helping individuals prepare with mock interviews.

We understand nothing will change over night when it comes to the demographic of an average investment banking class — however we hope that initiatives like this definitely help it move in the right direct of equal opportunity.

Interested in learning more about OfficeHours and how a Career Coach can help you? Schedule a time to connect with a Coach here or Submit your Application directly here and we’ll be in touch!

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