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“I’m Good On The Prep, I Just Need Help Getting Interviews”

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Interview Buyside Preparation

Learning how to get the interview is part of the prep.

“Can I just break into investment banking or private equity?” I’ve gotten the question a couple of times from various individuals (call it individuals later in their careers that want to switch into investment banking or private equity)… Now for them I can’t just recommend purchasing our $255 Investment Banking Course or our $299 Private Equity CourseA Course is just not simply going to get you a job, it just won’t. You having a job in a related field or going in as an intern to full-time — now that might.

Individuals looking to break into investment banking or private equity/growth equity/hedge funds/corporate development coming in from non-traditional backgrounds should understand that getting someone to listen to your story is all part of the prep. Learning how to get the interview is part of the prep.

Interviewing is part art, part science. Understanding the technicals is the part that’s more on the art side. Getting someone to listen to your story, understand why you might be a fit, understand why your non-traditional background might work for their institution or for the institution that they’re running a mandate for is the part of the interview that is more of the art than science. And this is where a Coach comes in. A Coach will help you (especially one that comes in from a non-target background) to rehearse your story, to give you an understanding of how much volume you should be pushing when it comes to outreach, and how to differentiate yourself when it comes to the Target-Competition.

OfficeHours Coaches can help with your story. Schedule a FREE Assessment with one of our top coaches here.

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