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Is There Going To Be Another On-cycle This Year?

Private Equity,Recruiting

Preparation is key.

We’ve been getting this question a bit — do we help out with on-cycle as well as off-cycle?

On-Cycle historically for PE Recruiting used to be 2 years in advance where individuals pre/post-IB training were being recruited by PE firms to come in and interview — generally 1-2 nights of serious on-cycle. What happened this past year is that traditional On-Cycle recruiting in September 2022 didn’t go that well since many incoming analysts weren’t actually ready for interviews. We heard this from our Coaches as well as some Mentees that the talent just wasn’t there.

With headhunters reaching out for coffee chats last week, we assume PE firms will hire again in a wave. Considering this is 1.5-1.75 years out before Summer 2024 starts, assume that this could still be considered to be “On-Cycle Recruiting.



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