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12-10-2022 Newsletter: Money-Back Guarantee (Coming Soon)

Money-Back Guarantee (coming soon)

Private Equity Recruiting in January

Recruiting in January

Expect an update regarding our New Money-Back Guarantee THIS WEEK! For the first time ever, 0 risk on your end. You either get higher compensation after working with us or your money back! We’re still working out the details with lawyers within our T&C on this so while this hasn’t been officially launched yet, a few hungry folks will have access to this guarantee before the rest of the market. Just expect to complete the course and calls in the allocated timeframe! Simple — all you have to really do is SIGN-UP & SHOW UP! (for coaching)

Schedule a time here if you want to learn more.

We’ll keep this one rather short and simple — the holidays are coming up, your year-end bonus numbers have either been given or will be out there soon enough with the money hitting your account in early Q1… something you have to ask yourself is if we’re going into a recession, what is your plan? We hear multiple times over that firms (including a Megafund we spoke with corporate from this week) that PE Associate recruiting will turn on heavily in January/February time-frame.

If we’ve spoken before, then your email is registered in our system and you will be eligible for some of our best discounts. Find my own personal discounted pricing page here.

Are you focused on recruiting in 2023?

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