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OfficeHours Case Study & Review

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OfficeHours Case Study & Review

When I first discovered OfficeHours, I had already gone through many interview processes and was getting to the final rounds but struggling to close and win an offer. I even considered giving up until I received an inbound from the team, curious but rather skeptical about what value they could really add, I agreed to take a call.
That first time I spoke with Rohit and Asif, I could tell that these guys knew what they were doing and were going to be my allies in an industry that has been notoriously difficult to navigate and break into. Rohit and Asif did a great job of listening to my story and helping me sell myself / build the necessary confidence that I was lacking to finally win an offer. I had been recruiting for months, but within three weeks of working with OfficeHours I had an offer.

During this time Rohit and Asif had also helped me navigate accelerating other processes so that I was also able to land other offers, all of which were at funds I would have been thrilled to join.

Their expertise of the private equity landscape was invaluable as they helped me weight my options and held me true to myself at which fund I would be happiest versus deciding solely based on compensation. I am now at a middle market fund in Chicago and I owe so much of my success to this team.
After my offer was signed the OfficeHours team continued to be a great resource as they connected me to associates to help prepare me for my new role. The coaches they connected me with were invaluable in that they helped explain the transition from a big bank to a smaller fund and all of the nuances that came with it that might not be obvious at first.

When I first worked with them they were just starting out and while the value proposition was solid and I would have recommended using their advice and services 10/10 times, the value they can offer to people looking to break into private equity has grown exponentially as they have grown their network and added more resources. I still find myself frequently reaching out to them for guidance as I navigate my career as an associate and beyond. This industry is all about who you know and this team knows everyone.

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