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Level Up Your Chance To Land Your Next Job Offer

  • Detailed, Practical Courses

    Learn exactly what you need to know in your career track of choice.

  • Time Relevant

    Our content is designed for the next annual recruiting round from Wall Street firms.

  • Built By & Trusted By Experts

    OfficeHours was built by finance professionals with decades of combined experience and direct expertise in recruiting and putting your best foot forward.

  • Personalized Service

    Need more help than our in-depth courses? We have a team of people already working in the jobs you want, with hands-on experience ready to provide you personalized coaching.

Maximize Your Career Chances

OfficeHours has hands-down industry-leading material, and a team of coaches ready to prepare you to nail your next interview. 

Commonly Asked Questions

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OfficeHours is a career development company catered towards investment banking analysts and other finance professionals who just kicked off their careers. 

Our career coaching service matches you with relevant coaches to help you excel on the job, achieve high reviews, get promoted, and earn top bonuses.

OfficeHours coaches come from 100+ premier institutions and many have exited from banking into various industries including private equity, hedge funds, startups, and corporate development. They provide actionable advice on how to succeed on the job you currently have and share firsthand experience on how they thought about next steps.  

If you are already set on recruiting for a new job, our interview prep service matches you with a coach in your target industry to help navigate the job search process, from application to interview to offer. We’ve helped individuals prep and place within private equity and other jobs within finance.

GetOfficeHours Private Equity & Investment Banking Online Courses & Coaching
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