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Risk Appetite

Risk Appetite

This is an interesting topic as most would think about… think like you’ve got a control tower, however, this control tower is controlling jet fuel directly into rocket ships

  • Management consultants sit 10,000 ft. above the control tower monitoring and parachuting in when needed
  • Bankers sit 5,000 ft. above running the analysis playing middle-man between consultants and investors, parachuting in when investors need them
  • Investors sit directly in the control tower controlling the jet fuel (cash in the form of direct investment) going out to the rockets — they have to be careful not to give too much or too little
  • And then you have Elon Musk and other operators working on these rocket ships, hoping that one will eventually go up (as opposed to blow up) and with that will come a lifelong worth of compensation and reward

Where do you stand on this risk appetite curve? What I recommend is to eventually move yourself down this curve (and that doesn’t necessarily mean that one day you have to be working on the rocket ship per say)… maybe you’re on the consulting side today looking to break into IB or perhaps you’re in IB thinking about doing long-term deeper work in PE, eventually moving down the risk curve (while you’re young) will only allow you to focus on new things and attain new experiences. Who knows, maybe one day you make it to the control tower and think — hey, I want to be within the rocket ship and start walking towards the jet bridge…

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