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08-23-2023 Newsletter: So you want to pursue a role in Growth?


Growth Equity (ex-TCV Investor) Webinar TOMORROW at 12PM ET!



Think it’s too late for you to recruit as an Associate? Think again! Come listen to Alice speak about her time recruiting as a Lazard IB Associate into TCV Growth Equity!


Growth Equity is a personal favorite of mine — particularly because of my time at Battery Ventures but also because even though we advertise Private Equity Prep — more and more folks come to us wanting to land a role in Growth…

Growth>Buyout, why?

  1. Growth = almost equivalent pay but better hours/work life balance
  2. Almost every major PE firm has a Growth Arm so many opportunities
  3. You get to actually help businesses grow+ rather than cut costs-
  4. Conversations are more engaging/sourcing is how you learn about industries directly from management teams
  5. Interviews are technical yet case study driven which arguably helps better develop your investor mindset> just being a modeling monkey for a major PE chop-shop


TCV is a MAJOR Growth Equity Firm and while we have hosted others from this firm in prior webinars — I am very excited to speak with Alice tomorrow about her experience pursuing IB, Growth, Venture, and then Entrepreneurship!



Join us as Alice Shang shares her insights and journey TOMORROW 8/24 AT 12PM ET regarding her journey from Investment Banking to Growth Equity to Entrepreneurship.


 Date: TOMORROW – Thursday, August 24th

 Time: 12:00 pm ET


Alice Shang is a former Investment Banking Associate at Lazard, where she gained her financial skills and insights into the world of finance. Her journey led her to a role as an Investor at TCV, a $21 billion growth equity fund that has invested in companies such as NetflixAirbnbSpotifyPelotonStrava, and Hinge Health. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA) from the University of Michigan – Stephen M. Ross School of Business and her master’s degree from Harvard Business School. Continuing her professional route, Alice served at Atomic as an operator, and her journey took a new turn as a Female Founder’s Fellow at Primary Venture Partners, a program that helps entrepreneurs launch new startups.



Webinar Highlights:

  • What inspired you to make the switch from investment banking to growth equity and eventually pursuing starting your own business?
  • How did your investment banking experience help you succeed in growth equity investing and beyond?
  • What advice would you give to someone considering a career in IB/Growth Equity?
  • How has your role as an investor helped you succeed personally and professionally?
  • You graduated from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business as well as Harvard Business School… How have these educational experiences aided your professional development and career path?


 Featured Speaker: Alice Shang

 Recent Position: Female Founder’s Fellow, Primary Venture Partners, TCV, Lazard IB Associate


Rohit Malrani will be moderating the conversation. Rohit brings experience from growth equity investing from Battery Ventures and operating experience from SourceScrub where he was Employee #2 and helped scale the business to an investment from Francisco Partners.


Moderator: Rohit Malrani

Position: Co-Founder, OfficeHours — ex-SourceScrub (FP PortCo), Battery Ventures





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