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Wall Street is a traditionally opaque industry by design. Even if you went to “target” schools and know people in the industry, information about recruiting is not easily accessible.

Meet Our OfficeHours Team

Asif Rahman


After graduating from Duke, Asif worked in investment banking at Wells Fargo Securities, private equity at Morgenthaler, and technology investing at Advance.

While in PE, Asif worked with a career coach with experience from Bain Capital and saw firsthand how valuable receiving regular guidance from a more senior professional in his industry was. After the pandemic hit, he wanted to figure out a way to scale this kind of guidance for anyone interested in a career in finance.

Asif has helped his firms directly invest over $2.5 Billion into industry leading companies, including SaaS platform Turnitin and triathlon business IRONMAN.

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Rohit Malrani


After graduating from Northeastern, Rohit was an investor at Battery Ventures. He then joined the SaaS company SourceScrub as Employee #2, with a heavy focus on B2B enterprise software sales.

Rohit has directly benefited from coaching during his time in private equity as he evaluated transitioning to the operating side. As the head of SourceScrub’s New York office, Rohit helped scale the business since the early days.

Since then, the company has exited twice – first to Mainsail and then to Francisco Partners.

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