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What Exactly Can Officehours Coaching Help With?

Officehours coaching
OfficeHours Coaches can help you answer various questions, including the below:
  • Help you think through which strategy would be the right strategy for you within the finance
  • Is Private Equity actually a good fit for you?
  • Do you like small team-oriented environments or do you prefer working lone-wolf style (more public equity)
  • What firm would you like and which firm would like you?
  • Are you looking for a path into business school or rather just thinking about it as a 2-and-out program? Firms will say they value culture but how do you really know without speaking to someone who used to be there?
  • Does your transaction experience actually matter in investment banking?
  • How do you pivot from one industry to another? Say you took the industrial role in investment banking because you wanted a foot in the door and wanted to break in any way possible — however today you say that you’re actually more of a consumer individual and want to do earlier-stage consumer investing — how does one make that pivot?
  • Mock interviews and preparation
  • Think more along the lines of “if your first interview won’t be great, might as well get your first interview done with us and then focus on the feedback that will come thereafter” — Coaches will give you actual feedback on your story, what made sense, what could be shorter, what you should expand on, more importantly, focus on your WHY…


Are you preparing for the buyside? Schedule a call now with our top coaches or submit your application directly here and we’ll be in touch! Our experienced coaches will work with you to set and achieve your goals and provide support and guidance along the way.

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