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Why ‘asking A Friend’ Doesn’t Cut It In Today’s Hyper-competitive World 🤓

Hyper-competitive World

Last week I found myself in Vail and Breckenridge for the week — aside from adoring the natural beauty (I will write a post about that later), I was trying my hand at learning how to snowboard. 🏂

I’m lucky that the couple friends I had with me were quite experienced within the sport. They helped me with the basics for sure i.e. how to choose the right boots/board, how to strap in, how to think about making S’s within the snow, basics around heeling and carving. It was great and fine Day 1 until I really started catching a couple edges and falling (basically wiping out). Also when you fall at age 30, stuff hurts.
I slowly came to the realization that the tact and style that worked for one friend of mine didn’t work for the other. Everyone had their own tips & tricks and ways of doing things. I had a couple of friends that had been snowboarding since they were children… others had picked up along the way since they were natural skateboarders. Basically everyone had their own way of going down the mountain.

Somehow what they were doing (and telling me to do) just didn’t really work for me.

What I needed was standardized basics from someone who was good at teaching the sport. What I really needed was a coach.

I’m not saying I needed an all-time $1000/hour Professional (this isn’t Private Equity recruiting after all where I could convert my snowboarding hobby into a $350,000 snowboarding gig🥲). I just needed someone good enough at helping a variety of skill-levels get on the board and stay on the board (while controlling speed down the 🗻).

The reality is we live in a world where there’s very little room for error these days… we’re either invested in doing something 100% or probably shouldn’t even try to do it at <100% — why? Because competition is at 110%, there are people out there fully-vested looking to beat you at your own game. Maybe they don’t have access to the resources you do or maybe they’re taking on DEBT to get access to the resources you do because they are THAT committed to betting on themselves and making sure they win. 💯

Excuse my language here (and snowboarding aside) —but when the f*ck did this world get so competitive in EVERYTHING WE DO!? While I am all about believing and trusting in yourself, in this case I would argue — you not taking on a coach for something that your genuinely passionate about AND that has MASSIVE upside in you doing well in is a mistake (i.e. a career with a potential for millions of dollars of carried interest on the Buyside).

Whether it be career coaching, gym/student-athletic coaching, or just simply put counseling or therapy for a relationship you value — the question is how much do you care? How much do you care to level-up in your career, how much do you care to PREVENT INJURY while training your body, and how much do you value that relationship to look to save/maintain/grow it?

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