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Why Choose OfficeHours To Accelerate Your Finance Career

Why Choose OfficeHours To Accelerate Your Finance Career
Why choose us?

Many will ask what’s the difference between us and other platforms/courses/coaching services out there? Well for one, you’re speaking with both Co-Founders here of the business when you connect with us. When you text 781.258.4911, you’re connecting with Rohit (the person writing this). But here’s a bit more structured list for those interested:

  1. Asif and Rohit (Co-Founders) are doing this full-time after leaving their PE jobs, committed and focused on helping analysts — they’re very involved in the day-to-day of OfficeHours, in fact they’re running the show.
  2. When you sign up for coaching, you’re looped into a group chat with both Co-Founders for immediate, personalized support. We text all of our customers to let them know what we’re hearing in the space and for any quick Q&A they might have around recruiting, headhunters, which firm might be a fit, how to position your story coming from a non-target, how to out-prepare all your Evercore/Moelis colleagues, etc. Many find this very useful since most can’t just hop on the phone during the workday.
  3. We’re a new company so all of our resources are FRESHLY created compared to purchasing dated materials from competitors. Not saying other materials are dated, just saying ours are fresh.
  4. We’re People-First, on both the coach selection side and mentee selection side. We pick and choose the people we want to work with. What this leads to is extremely HIGH quality from start to finish — we not only control the entire material process but because we get to choose who we work with from a coaching aspect, we control majority of our outcomes. If we choose to work with you, understand that that’s complement. You can only purchase coaching through a custom discount code. While we do showcase our prices, you cannot purchase without a custom discount code from our team making us invite-only. Same applies to coaches — we have a roster of hundreds of coaches on the backend but generally most of our coaches come in through word-of-mouth referrals from other coaches who have had success working with us.
  5. We bring science to the interview process — we have now developed a tried-and-true process that has now helped 1500 people with services ranging from resume reviews, refining your story, full-process banking laterals, full-process Buyside recruiting, and now an associate training program.

Beyond all of the above, we have lowered pricing — our Platform’s discounted pricing ($299) makes us the BEST PLATFORM for Banking to Buyside Prep for <$300 considering the amount of information you’re getting for $299 including the videos, modules, etc.

Our coaching — human capital is expensive, especially incentivizing our HBS/Buyside coaches to work for is not an easy dialogue unless you’re compensating people well for their time and efforts and for all the materials that they create. All of our stuff has been created in 2021 (generally updated within the last quarter or so) — not all competitors of ours can say that.

We’re the newbie to the game, that’s for sure. We’re the newbie that has hit the ground running and been crushing expectations. We 30X-ed the business from fiscal year 2020 to 2021. Was 2020 high revenue? No not at all, that was literally Year 1 during a Global Pandemic — however 30X for anything is still phenomenal growth.

Get in touch with us, purchase platform access, let’s talk about coaching — we’re confident you won’t regret it. Schedule a time to connect with a Coach here or Submit your Application directly here and we’ll be in touch!

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