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Why I Wish There Was An Atp When I Was In Finance

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When I was getting into finance, I had no idea what I was really getting into. An individual that genuinely helped me out quite a bit was an associate I met during training. This associate had lateralled in from another larger buyout shop and had started a month or so ahead of the other associates (probably something to do with the time she left the prior shop and the time she was joining this one). Not only were her modeling skills up-to-par but because she had experience being a former associate (I think it was only ~1 year experience), she came in basically running circles around everyone else. She not only did the work in an efficient manner but also found time to catch-up with Partners over coffee and build political capital.

The value of getting ahead. We all know there’s a ‘Golden Child’ at every firm, however have you ever wondered how they got there?

Most professional services are tough to break into, forgot about excelling at. Any leg up you can get – especially in the world of finance is beneficial not only to your current state (where you might be able to work more efficiently), but more and more long-term where you can have a leg-up on your peers by outperforming them. Outperforming in finance we have seen leads to Partner-track promotions, top-tier bonuses, and generally just simply better treatment by the firm and your colleagues.

“There are 5 of us associates and we’ve been told only 2 of us will probably get to VP if we’re good. The rest will go to find other Associate/Senior Associate positions or find ourselves paying $250k out of pocket to go to some business school plan we were forced into.”

OfficeHours developed an Associate Training Program after associates from a local PE shop approached us saying the above. We had many analysts recently that received Buyside Associate gigs that were approaching us and asking, “well now what? I had such a great time with my coach, I would love to continue with them and make sure my skills stay sharp.”

We have worked with Senior Associates and Vice Presidents from the Buyside to create materials and have custom 1on1 calls as if you were sitting getting training directly from a VP. Now we all know VPs are generally around for Q&A when you’re an associate, but if you can get more on-the-job training before your job actually starts for a nominal fee, wouldn’t you do that? We like to think so.

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