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Why It Makes Sense To Get PE Recruiting Done As Early As Possible

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Most would say that Private Equity recruiting happens far too early — this year, especially pre-Labor Day On-Cycle 2024 Recruiting started with New Mountain Capital, Carlyle, and Permira, amongst a couple of the initial firms going. You can read more about the entire list here in our Newsletter: Interviews Started for 2024 On-Cycle.

Some of our earliest placements were individuals that were still going through training at their various investment banks (mainly bulge brackets)… now why does it make sense for PE firms to recruit that early? Because they can get it done. Because the individuals that know they want Private Equity can get it done.

When you recruit before you even start your first full-time job, I’m convinced that there are easier questions asked of you — especially around your deal experience (since you really have none). Sure they’ll drill you on technicals, modeling, behaviorals, case studies, etc., but if you go through our Buyside Crash Course (which some have done within 1-2 weeks) — that stuff you’ll knock out of the park.

If you know you want to make it to the Buyside, go according to the firms timeline — when they’re fighting amongst each other for talent rather than waiting until your full-time role starts. We’ve seen this once and again, when you’re in the middle of your full-time job and you’re far too busy with your current workload, you don’t have the capacity to take time away for a full-time job.

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