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Why OfficeHours & Why Now?

Why OfficeHours & Why Now?

I’ve spent some time on the growth equity side wearing an investor hat as well as on the operating side selling back to growth and private equity. One thing I can say for sure that stemmed from my time in both: good conversations with mentors. Learning through conversation overall is something I’ve always believed in. Some people absorb content through reading, others pound YouTube, I set-up calls and never stop listening (until both pairs of AirPods die, of course).

OfficeHours is a partnership between myself + co-founder Asif Rahman, our team, and our coaches/mentees. We created OfficeHours to allow juniors to connect with seniors within their industry (specifically buy-side and sell-side finance) to learn more about their potential career options. I firmly believe that optionality is key to any decision you make in life — aka your next decision is only as good as the options you have and you should do your best to have as many options as possible.

The Consumer Play: Today our customers (mentees) apply online, get matched with a coach (or host of coaches), and are then set-up to have double-blinded open-ended conversations. This roster of coaches ends up being your personal Board of Advisors.

Why should an executive CEO only have access to a Board of Advisors? Our mentality is for you to start thinking like an executive and eventually you’ll be one.

Conversation topics can stem from:

  • How long should I stay in banking?


  • Should I recruit, why, and when?


  • Is private/public equity for me?


  • What is the eat-what-you-kill sourcing model like?


  • Should I get operating experience? What does comp/equity look like?


  • Is a Megafund or UMM fund like banking 2.0?


  • Are there better options on the corporate development side?


  • Recruiting assistance: resume reviews, mock interviews, technical guidance, etc.

The Enterprise Play: These days — especially after 2020 — we’ve learned that not only was work from the office not happening, but you don’t have to tolerate anything you’re not happy with.

If you want to recruit today, who’s going to stop you?

No more fake dentist appointments or business formal suits and ties — you could schedule an interview, add a hold to your calendar, and you’re good. This also taught us that now more than ever, companies have to focus on talent acquisition and management. Our goal with OfficeHours is eventually to take it to the enterprise — coaching-as-a-perk. 365 Feedback Reviews, looping in 3rd party feedback, speaking with a coach when deciding whether to take a promotion or not — these should become norms within the workplace. After all, as Ken Moelis said “we’re a talent management business, I want to attract, I want to motivate and I want to retain the greatest talent in the world.”

Coaches are the lifeline of our business.

I’ll repeat that — they are the lifeline and blood of everything we do. Making sure we recruit only top-tier talent that is vested in the success of our mentees is of paramount importance.

We hear from our coaches “I wish something like this was around when I was younger” and “I have these conversations every week anyway, why not take on a mentee and instill a change in their lives?”

Even though we’re never generally looking for coaches (fortunate enough to have a network that brings good talent our way), we do accept applications here.

Our Mentees: We genuinely appreciate the opportunity to serve you. The fact that our mentees are self-driven individuals and have made it this far on their own accord is already impressive enough. Through the thousands of resumes that we’ve reviewed, we’ve come across absolutely stellar individuals — individuals spending time during their senior years pursuing masters degrees, high GMAT scores, accelerated business school programs, PE prep before banking, banking prep before graduating — we couldn’t be more proud to work with and for such intellectually stimulated professionals.

Thank you to all of our supporters including our Team, our Coaches, our Mentees, our Investors, our Advisors, Coach Margaret Downs, Harvard Business School, Chris Popp from WeWork Boston, John & Sumit from Crityk, Mayor Suarez from the City of Miami, Miami Herald, and Refresh Miami.


Come visit us in Miami!

Interested in learning more about OfficeHours and how a Career Coach can help you? Schedule a time to connect with a Coach here or Submit your Application directly here and we’ll be in touch!

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