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Why We Love Litquidity Student-Athletes/Scholars

Why we love Litquidity Student-Athletes/Scholars

It’s funny what a coffee meeting or two in NYC can lead to — when we met with the Litquidity Team a couple of weeks ago in Central Park, we weren’t sure what was going to come from the meeting. All we knew was that we had met some really great guys, individuals who genuinely have a grasp on what’s going on — from meme finance accounts to analysts and associate salary bumps. Litquidity is consistently in the loop on all things finance simply because of their reach (~700k followers when you aggregate all of their platforms). We feel like their team keeps a really solid pulse on the market which is what led us to wanting to find a way to work with them. Many ideas came to mind — however we could not say no to the following when presented: support NIL Student Athletes as they aimed to break into investment banking with various resources and coaching assistance.

Various OfficeHours Coaches and our OfficeHours Team have all recently developed an Investment Banking Curriculum and with the Litquidity Team’s support we have released an application focused on finding some of the sharpest student athletes/scholars who are looking to break into an investment banking summer analyst position/full-time analyst role. Through OfficeHours resources and our one-to-many coaching assistance package we look forward to helping out young financiers as they look to hone their technical, behavioral, and modeling skills for interviews. Parts of the Curriculum include a focus on Investment Banking 101 Knowledge, Resume Reviews, Crafting Your Story, Cold Outreach, Networking/Recruiting Events, Fundamental Technical Concepts, Modeling Practice, Technical Guides, Behavioral Questions, and Market/Current Events-driven Q&A.

Historically, we’ve done well with Student-Athletes (see one of our case studies here) — we love their commitment to hard work. We’re big believers in discipline when it comes to block scheduling and the targeted focus that only comes with the help of a coach. Now it just so happens to be that many student-athletes happen to be interested in a career in finance as well. Talk about a perfect storm for the OfficeHours Team where a partnership with Litquidity’s Student Athletes/Scholars Program not only allows us to help individuals pursuing investment banking roles but also allows our coaches to pay it forward with college students instead of only working professionals. Through this partnership, we look forward to expanding the OfficeHours downstream offering to students as they prepare for a multi-faceted career in finance.

Interested in learning more about OfficeHours and how a Career Coach can help you? Schedule a time to connect with a Coach here or Submit your Application directly here and we’ll be in touch!

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