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Why You Should View Recruiting As Just Another Form Of Networking 💼 🤝

Why you should view recruiting as just another form of networking
Full disclosure, I am a Co-Founder at OfficeHours which is a career coaching platform focused on helping finance professionals figure out what they want to do long-term. However, I am writing this article with a specific focus on how to build long-term relationships and why recruiting is a great way to build a network.
People are the lifeblood of any organization and you can meet some really great people while recruiting. If done right, you can develop those meetings into longer term relationships (whether or not you receive full-time offers)I’m saying this because (in relation to the many investment bankers that I speak with daily) if you’ve ever thought of a time to recruit for the buyside, if you’ve ever even had the idea of potentially evaluating what a career as an investor looks like compared to being an advisor, you should give it a shot and you should give it a shot now.Judging from what we’ve heard from many industry professionals, there is a wave of recruiting opportunities coming our way as the buyside world officially opens its doors for the first time in 2 years.Believe it or not (and I wish I could tag those folks), but I have kept in touch with almost every individual I have interviewed with over the many years that I have been working — all the way from my first retail job as a middle/high schooler through my various co-ops/internships and finance/start-up roles. It hasn’t been something I’ve done on purpose nor not done on purpose — it’s just happened rather organically honestly. How often do people end conversations with “let’s keep in touch,” but realistically how often do people take them up on that offer? I add them on LinkedIn, follow-up with thank you notes, and really engage with them after with relevant content and information (pertaining to our former conversations). That’s how you build and maintain a strong network.In my mind, it just makes sense. If you go in prepared for a job, wanting the job, meeting people who are excited about the role and you coming on board — there should be an organic fit there and you should want to keep in touch with those individuals on a longer-term basis… To clarify, I have never interviewed someplace where I didn’t want to work, where I didn’t see myself doing well, where I thought it was just an interview rep — after all, who has the time for that? If you want an interview rep, go take on a coach who can help you with that and will really give you active feedback to better your skills.

What do you have to lose? If you go in prepared for an opportunity, who’s to say you’re going to get it? If you get it, who’s to say you’re going to take it? However, if you don’t even try — then you definitely don’t know what might happen.

This being said — don’t go into interviews unprepared. The last thing you want is for a potential mentor or connection of yours to think that you aren’t cut out for the job or that you wasted their time.

Always go in ready to IMPRESS!

For help on preparing — well, you already know the resource I recommend. Interested in learning more about OfficeHours and how a Career Coach can help you? Schedule a time to connect with a Coach here or Submit your Application directly here and we’ll be in touch!

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